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Mark F. 

Cincinnati, OH 

"This place is fantastic! Wagyu beef is standard for the burgers how many places do that!? Service is outstanding I love the fact that you can see the kitchen and the flavor layerings and menu items are clearly designed by a world class gourmet chef. This will be my go to place in West Point no scratch that my go to place in North East Nebraska!"

Elaine P.

Omaha, NE

"This might have been one of my top 25 meals in my life. I have the shrimp polenta, and it was indescribably delicious. My husband had beef stroganoff, also world class..."

Greg M.

Oakland, NE

"Mind blowing entrees for such a small town.  Big city chef, amazing food!"

Jen S. 

Omaha, NE

"This is probably one of the best restaurants I have ever been to and I have been to some of the best restaurants on both the East and West coasts. In fact, I just went to an over priced well known steak house in Omaha last night and had the Sea Bass which was terrible and super expensive. The chefs at that steak house need to get some lessons from Chef Robert at the Bohemian Duck! I have never had better fish than the obscure fish that Chef Robert prepared for me at the Bohemian Duck. Chef Robert is amazing!"

Jody G. 

Norfolk, NE

"This is a rare gem in NE Nebraska. I regret driving 45 minutes to get there only because now I'm going to have to do it every month. Amazing food (like, really amazing, not just good for West Point, but actually amazing)."

Cheryl N. 

Lincoln, NE

"One of the best meals I have had in Nebraska.  The Dover Sole was so moist.  The crab cakes were crispy and flaky delicious.   Duck was interesting and flavorful.  Strip steak was tender flavorful and cooked to perfection.   We drove 90 minutes to dine and would do it again.   Excellent job, chef!"
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